Food Boxes for 4

Healthy Meals For 4 People

Here at VeggieeBox, you pick the food boxes that tickle your fancy, we lovingly prepare your order, making sure to include portions that ensure there is as little kitchen waste as possible, delivered straight to your door. All that is left is for you to cook at your convenience.

As the name suggests, our Food Boxes for 4 allow you to easily portion great healthy meals for four people. If you’re looking for easy meals for 4, you can go wrong with our meal boxes for 4, which includes clean eating meals, gluten-free meals, paleo meals and vegan meals in each separate category.

Our clean eating meals for 4 include a range of curries, stir fries, salads and more. Many of the same meals are available as part of our gluten-free meals for 4, also including pasta and rice dishes, so you don’t have to go without the food you love. Our paleo meals for 4 include some of the same meals, as well as meal and potato dishes. Our vegan meals for 4 also include some familiar meals, as well as a simple celeriac steak.

At VeggieeBox, you can enjoy cheap and healthy meals for 4, so whether you’re a family of four, or a group of flatmates or housemates, you’re sure to benefit from our range of delicious dishes. For more information, simply visit our contact page.