Clean Eating Meals

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If you’re looking for a Veggieebox to suit your tastes, you might also be curious to try a change in diet by looking at our clean eating meals. Clean eating refers to the concept of whole foods in their natural state being the best way to eat food to make the most of the nutrients and take advantage of other health benefits. Although there may be different ways of viewing clean eating, such a diet usually avoids processed foods such as refined sugar, as well as perhaps excluding gluten, grains and dairy products.

Clean eating often advocates the consumption of raw food, but our clean eating meal plan includes dishes to be cooked such as Cajun chicken and stir-fries, as well as a range of delicious salads. To take advantage of these exciting recipes, simply select your meals of choice, and we will prepare your clean eating meal box, and deliver it straight to your door. All you have to do is follow the instructions to enjoy perfectly portioned meals. These clean eating meals are design for 2 people to share, but can also be eaten as leftovers the next day.

Here at VeggieeBox, you can enjoy affordable clean eating meals for 2, so whether you’re a couple, family or housemates, you’re sure to benefit from our range of marvellous meals. To discover more, simply visit our contact page.