Meal Boxes for 2

Healthy Meals for Two

Our healthy meals for two are too good not to be shared. Whether you’re a couple, or living in a flat share, it can be a great way to introduce communal vegetarian eating into your home. You can also use these easy recipes to make two meals, so you can have one for dinner, and save some for the next day’s nutritious and delicious lunch. If you’re looking for dinner ideas for two, then look no further.

Within our range for health meals for 2 people, we offer clean eating meals, gluten-free food boxes, paleo food boxes and vegan food boxes. Cleaning eating refers to eating whole foods in their most natural state, avoiding food such as refined sugars in order to gain health benefits. Gluten is a mixture of two proteins, often found in cereal grains, especially wheat, as well as rye spelt and barley. In itself, gluten provides no essential nutrients and those with celiac disease have an immune response that is triggered by gluten.

Furthermore, paleo refers to a diet based on the types of food we can presume to have been eaten by early humans, which can include meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, but excluding dairy products, cereal products and processed food. Lastly, a vegan diet refers to eating food that does not contain any animal or animal products.

All boxes from us are vegetarian, in addition to meeting these specific dietary requirements. Our recipes are created on a weekly basis and boxes are prepared with pre-portioned ingredients in order to reduce kitchen waste. As well as being healthy, meals for 2 are also convenient, taking between 20-30 minutes to cook using handy recipe cards.

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